Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's time to do something different...

Whilst I've been slumbering and working throughout my summer, our graphic designers have been doling us beautiful graphics to decorate the pages for the next issue of HYPE. On top of that, I've also started organizing the third Issue. 
However, as this summer comes to a sad end, I'm hit with the thought that HYPE's fall issue needs to be released soon. I am planning the end of September or October.
There is a crucial step before I take any notion to further things for both the 2nd issue and the now very small 3rd issue: The articles.
HYPE was known and identified for it's great number of articles, but sadly this time around we've been very slack in getting those produced. In an effort to speed things up I am going to propose a chance for anybody to get their writing talents on HYPE.
That's right. Ever heard of submitting an article to get into your favorite blog? Now I shall do the same for HYPE
As you know, HYPE's next theme is Aztec (I wanted to retain that as a secret, but sadly I couldn't do so), so we want an abundance of Aztec-related articles.
Below, I will list a few topic ideas. If you have any Aztec-related idea of your own, feel free to write and submit it. After listing the potential articles, you can choose one, type it up, submit it, and hope to be in the next issue!
Topic Ideas:
-How Aztec Prints/Patterns have inspired the world of Fashion
-Aztec fashion in general
- A brief, yet interesting article on John Paul Gualtier
-A small, short piece on Nicholas Kirkwood
- A brief History of the true inspirations: The Aztecs
After you're done typing up one of these Ideas, or one of your own, save the article or copy and paste it and send it to me at:
yes, I know. Weird email.
I really hope that HYPE can run along with it's previous pace thanks to the followers themselves!