Monday, September 3, 2012

HYPE Issue 2 - Unfinished.

Your Attention Please.

If you have not heard, I have decided to take my leave from the lovely website we call Stardoll. Of course, along with my, this project will be put to rest as well. I am sad that it is going to have to be so, but time has told us what is to be of it.
I will soon post the pages I have of HYPE #2 (which is mostly done, so nothing much will be missed); But I need to apologize about HYPE #3, I raised hopes, and I am now crushing them. Apologies.

A big kudo to mgirl07for making us the two graphics that will ever be of Issue 3, and another to .whiteflower. for supplying her beautiful doll that was to be covergirl.
here are the graphics:

Thank you, Maria!

And thank you followers and readers, You made the first issue feedback great, and I am so glad you enjoyed hype. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's time to do something different...

Whilst I've been slumbering and working throughout my summer, our graphic designers have been doling us beautiful graphics to decorate the pages for the next issue of HYPE. On top of that, I've also started organizing the third Issue. 
However, as this summer comes to a sad end, I'm hit with the thought that HYPE's fall issue needs to be released soon. I am planning the end of September or October.
There is a crucial step before I take any notion to further things for both the 2nd issue and the now very small 3rd issue: The articles.
HYPE was known and identified for it's great number of articles, but sadly this time around we've been very slack in getting those produced. In an effort to speed things up I am going to propose a chance for anybody to get their writing talents on HYPE.
That's right. Ever heard of submitting an article to get into your favorite blog? Now I shall do the same for HYPE
As you know, HYPE's next theme is Aztec (I wanted to retain that as a secret, but sadly I couldn't do so), so we want an abundance of Aztec-related articles.
Below, I will list a few topic ideas. If you have any Aztec-related idea of your own, feel free to write and submit it. After listing the potential articles, you can choose one, type it up, submit it, and hope to be in the next issue!
Topic Ideas:
-How Aztec Prints/Patterns have inspired the world of Fashion
-Aztec fashion in general
- A brief, yet interesting article on John Paul Gualtier
-A small, short piece on Nicholas Kirkwood
- A brief History of the true inspirations: The Aztecs
After you're done typing up one of these Ideas, or one of your own, save the article or copy and paste it and send it to me at:
yes, I know. Weird email.
I really hope that HYPE can run along with it's previous pace thanks to the followers themselves!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back On Track

I Agree with you; That was a very short pause. 
But I'm here to deliver to you the happy news that HYPE is back on it's track to making the 2nd issue. I have to give hearty thanks to LadyGaGaMcQueen/Amanda; You will see HYPE gracing her graphics soon enough.
- - -
We're haven't stopped looking for models yet, so make sure to click on the image below to re-direct yourselves to the model page where you can sign up:
We're still searching for writers as well, so if you think you're up to it click below to apply:

Also join the HYPE club! Who knows, maybe you could see something exclusive?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


HYPE is not on pause because I want it to be, but one of our Graphic Designers decided to leave Stardoll, meaning that she will not be able to do any of the graphics for HYPE.

While I get started on searching for a new graphic designer to start off where we stopped, you can help by commenting if you think you are good at graphics and apply below
Sample of Graphics:
I can give no guarantee I will pick a user from the comments but I hope we can continue HYPE production and have an amazing issue delivered to you!
Thank you!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Writers Needed!

Do you want to be a writer for HYPE?
Well, your chance lies here.
Just fill out an application and you will come to know if you're a writer or not:

What topic(s) are you good at writing about:
Sample of Writing:
Thank You and Good Luck!
As for Graphic Designers, they have been chosen already...there won't be applications set up.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Apply to be a Model!

Yes, HYPE is coming back for another round.
This time with a fresh look, 
And of course, what is a magazine without Models?
Apply to become a model;
(previous models can apply)

Doll With Makeup: (imgur or tinypic links only)
Doll Without Makeup: (imgur or tinypic links only)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hype Teaser.

It's a bit early in the game, but We have a teaser for you!
This isn't a spoiler, but as I said: a Teaser. What you're seeing isn't Hype's theme, nor Hype's official models.
We just want to show you a tidbit of our talents.
Remember to follow and spread the news about us!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hype's Official Staff, Models, and Team.

Hello Everyone!
I must Say, I am SO happy that there were so much requests for Models and Graphic Designers! I am honestly honored with the feedback I have received. 
Now, I organized Hype a bit differently, there is an official team for Hype, they will make graphics/articles for every issues. I will tend to call them the Staff. The people who you will routinely see on here. 

Then there comes the Team, the group of people who will work with us for just one Magazine, They won't be refused for applying again, but this way, multiple people have a chance for every article.

Now, Let's Meet our Staff.
-Aurelieke92 [Amanda]

Graphic Designers:

-Jem-n-Em [Emma]
-Tiff_Forever [Ally]


-Sarabear123 [Sara]
-Aphiba [Faye]


-Iluvladygaga232 [Isabel] 

-Tianna2344 [Cecillia]

-Sarabear123 [Sara]

- - -
[Models in the staff part of Hype are versatile. They won't be used in every article, but there will definitely be a few graphics with them.]
- - - 
And now for our Team.

Graphic Designers:
-Doggy_Starpuppy [Julie]
-Xanthewhite [Mikayla]
**PLEASE contact me and give me your emails, there is a very needed use for them :3

Looking for MORE.

-Starminimon [Camila]
-Lovegossip4life [Lindsey]
-Sta988 [Sofija]
-ExtravaganceSD [Nora]
-bby_emkinz [Aurelie]
-Sary.babyfayce [Luisa]
-missceaaria [Iman]
-Vampirelady33 [Milena]
-Depi2 [Despina]
Looking for MORE
- - - 
I am still looking for more Models and definitely need more Writers.
Models will be closed soon, apply now. [closed]

Thank you all! And I hope you enjoy the New staff and team!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

become part of the team!

- - - 
-Models Closed

Picture of Medoll with Makeup:
Picture of medoll Without Makeup:

fIRST Name:

Why you want to write?:

-Graphic Designers Closed
fIRST Name:
Why you want to do graphics?:


-Creative Thinkers Closed