Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hype's Official Staff, Models, and Team.

Hello Everyone!
I must Say, I am SO happy that there were so much requests for Models and Graphic Designers! I am honestly honored with the feedback I have received. 
Now, I organized Hype a bit differently, there is an official team for Hype, they will make graphics/articles for every issues. I will tend to call them the Staff. The people who you will routinely see on here. 

Then there comes the Team, the group of people who will work with us for just one Magazine, They won't be refused for applying again, but this way, multiple people have a chance for every article.

Now, Let's Meet our Staff.
-Aurelieke92 [Amanda]

Graphic Designers:

-Jem-n-Em [Emma]
-Tiff_Forever [Ally]


-Sarabear123 [Sara]
-Aphiba [Faye]


-Iluvladygaga232 [Isabel] 

-Tianna2344 [Cecillia]

-Sarabear123 [Sara]

- - -
[Models in the staff part of Hype are versatile. They won't be used in every article, but there will definitely be a few graphics with them.]
- - - 
And now for our Team.

Graphic Designers:
-Doggy_Starpuppy [Julie]
-Xanthewhite [Mikayla]
**PLEASE contact me and give me your emails, there is a very needed use for them :3

Looking for MORE.

-Starminimon [Camila]
-Lovegossip4life [Lindsey]
-Sta988 [Sofija]
-ExtravaganceSD [Nora]
-bby_emkinz [Aurelie]
-Sary.babyfayce [Luisa]
-missceaaria [Iman]
-Vampirelady33 [Milena]
-Depi2 [Despina]
Looking for MORE
- - - 
I am still looking for more Models and definitely need more Writers.
Models will be closed soon, apply now. [closed]

Thank you all! And I hope you enjoy the New staff and team!


  1. I would like to be a writer, but I won't be home for a 3-5 days, in case you need me, but anyway, here you can find samples of my writing,, also on The Voice

  2. Oh mah-gawsh! Thanks a million times Manny for making me a model! I can't wait to see the amazing magazine you are in the works of!

  3. Thanks Manny:]

    I know is gonna be successful, because that how everything you do turns out!

  4. Thank you so much for choosing me! :-)

    btw, my dolls name is Sary.Babyfayce - not Sara.Babyfayce